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Charlie                                 see  Testimonial

 a lovely girl called Charlie aged 7 years who is absolutely terrified of fireworks (she also reacts to thunder, loud speakers and slamming doors). Poor Charlie has in the past got herself into such a dreadful state her owner's have had to take her to the vets. Her vets have suggested medication which would have to start 2 months before bonfire night and continue for 2 months after.  

Last year when the fireworks started Charlie’s owners had to get in the car and drive her for miles on an open road to get away from the noises and try to keep her calm.

From Charlie’s owner “Charlie has an extreme fear of fireworks. She pants very heavily, almost to the point of chocking, shakes and you can visually see her heart pounding in her chest. We can not do anything to comfort her”.  

The session started with Charlie selecting and working with some key oils which helped her to a relaxed state. When Charlie was ready, firework sounds were gradually introduced whilst supporting her with essential oils. Charlie’s owners were amazed when Charlie did not react to the sounds as the noise level was gradually increased and Charlie went to sleep, she was relaxed and her breathing was very calm.

At no time during the session was Charlie put into a stressful situation. 


 Charlie follow up visit

 2 weeks since my first session with Charlie. She is a dog who is terrified by loud noises doors banging, tannoy’s, fireworks and high winds. On a scale of 1 -10 with noise Charlie has previously been a 10. 

Over the last 2 weeks her owners have every day offered Charlie her key oils which I left for her, she has selected which oils she wants to work with. Her favourite oils are Valerian and Violet Leaf. Supporting her with her oils they have worked with the firework noise cd. Charlie is not reacting to the noises (her poor owners are being driven insane by it, but Charlie is their priority). 3 nights ago for the first time Charlie did not want any oils, nor the next night. One of the nights they had strong winds and were amazed that Charlie slept through them, where normally they can hear her pacing.

Last night (Thursday) someone actually let some fireworks off in the area, Charlie’s response was to look around as she could hear them, her owners supported her with her oils and they sprayed a small area of carpet with fear mist, Charlie went and lay down and went to sleep! 

I worked with Charlie re-offering her key oils and her biggest interest was violet leaf (which she not only sniffed but wanted it stroked on her head,chest and leg). Lots of sniffing of Frankincense. Whilst we supported her with the oils, we again played the fireworks cd and Charlie lay listening and eventually she went to sleep.

Fireworks - Update from Charlie's owners...

“Friday night (day of follow up session) fireworks were set off close by and woke Charlie up. She lifted her head, listened carefully, was not afraid and went back to sleep.
Saturday night out o
n Charlie’s last walk some fireworks were let off. Charlie stood still listened for about 5 seconds, they did not upset her and she carried on her merry way” !

Charlie’s progress from her owners as fireworks increase on the approach to bonfire night ………..

Tuesday & Wednesday (28th & 29th Oct) Charlie did not show any interest in wanting her oils.

Thursday night (30th Oct) “ tonight Charlie was really into her valerian and violet leaf. About an hour ago really quite loud and continuous fireworks started, Charlie got up and immediately got quite distressed (about a 3 or 4) tail touching her tummy and started shaking. We got her oils out which she instantly sniffed the violet leaf, hops and valerian she licked violet leaf from my hand and allowed me to rub it on her chest. She calmed down within a maximum of five minutes. She is now lying asleep beside her chosen oils and fireworks are still going off. Tonight has probably been her biggest test yet and she has calmed right down. I can tell u without any doubt without her oils tonight she would have been a 10 on your fear scale”. 

Charlie went into a deep sleep,snoring with her nose near her oils. She slept for about 2 hours. Several times her owner s left the room, but Charlie didn’t follow(which she normally would do) she stayed with her oils.

“It was obvious she wanted the oils, in fact in between every sniff or when I rubbed her chest with violet leaf she looked me in the eye and gave me a real gentle lick. I could almost hear her saying “thank you mam” I know this is not about me, but for the first time ever in this situation I felt like I was actually helping her.

Karen – you may think that she had a little reaction is not good, but honestly if you had seen Charlie in the past you would be amazed at her last night. These were loud continuous fireworks. The progress is amazing”,

Friday evening (31/10) Charlie went out with her owners for tea. There were a few fireworks went off, however they had her fear spray with them and Charlie was fine.

Saturday night (1/11) lots of fireworks were set off and went on for about 2 hrs.

When the fireworks first started Charlie was a little frightened, but nothing like in the past, she put her tail between her legs and shook a little. As her owner got her oils out, Charlie wagged her tail and went straight to her oils. She wanted valerian and violet leaf. Charlie had the violet leaf stroked on her chest and head. Fear spray was also sprayed. Within 5 minutes Charlie was fine and went to sleep with the oils on the floor beside her. She slept for the duration of the fireworks.

Update 5th November

"When the what I would now call normal fireworks started Charlie reacted as she has done on previous nights. A little shake, but a big sniff of violet leaf and Valerian. Violet leaf stroked on her and a spot on the carpet sprayed with fear spray sorted that out and off she went to sleep.

Then they sent in the big guns, from the local display (it's worth remembering this is only half a mile away as the crow flies)!

We both sat on the floor offering her oils, which she did engage with (sniffing, licking and allowing us to stroke them on her (I had green hands from the Violet leaf!), but just as she would settle down with her head between her paws to process, bang off it would go again. It was like being in the middle of a war zone.  

Charlie would have some more oils, just settle and off they went again. This repeated for about an hour and a half when the fireworks were really bad. She wasn't shaking at all, but was panting quite a lot at some points. We had no breathing difficulties or visible heart beat, which is the frightening thing we have had in previous years, but she was distressed. 

Eventually when it went back to what I would call normal fireworks Charlie settled down and lay with her head between her paws surrounded by and by this point covered in her chosen oils. When Ian and I got up she sat up again so I then did what probably wouldn't be recommended in a professional session. I got the blanket and Ian, Charlie and I all lay on the floor cuddled in surrounded by the oils. Charlie relaxed and Ian and I super relaxed. We had big family cuddles until bed time. I left Charlie's oils open over night and she stayed in the living room with them beside her bed all night. 

So yes we made it through the night. To put it into perspective I would say she was about a 5 on the fear scale at the worst point, which is a huge improvement on previous years. At no point were we afraid for her health, which we have been in the past so overall I would say it was a massive success.

Thanks again for all your help and support over the last month. It's nice to have people that understand as most people just think you can turn the TV up!!!!! “ Judith Merriman

Charlie's weekend update on fireworks....... yes fireworks have still been going off every night since the 5th November!!!

"She is doing great. I am so proud of her.
Friday she had a little reaction to some fireworks, just pacing around and not settling.

Saturday they were quite bad again, but she didn't react at all! 

Last night a few went off and again just a little bit unsettled. Friday she wanted her oils and last night showed a little interest, but Saturday she wasn't interested in the slightest, although I did leave them open in the room at a distance from her figuring she could get away from them and move room if she wanted, which she didn't do. 
She's done so well we are so proud of her" Judith  

Lets hope we have had the last of the fireworks. Charlie has done so well, she has had to endure 10 nights of fireworks! 

AZ with time, patience, consistency and commitment by their owners is essential. It is not a quick fix and it is important to remember that every dog is an individual and as such will respond in different ways!