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Let Your Animal Lead

'Starting Your Canine Journey'

This is an on line introductory workshop of 8 elements in total to give you an understanding of Self - selection & Choices in dogs. (Canine - pharmacognosy).
How you can help your dog remain healthy, in balance & happy.
Element 1: Sunday July 30th
Element 2: Sunday 13th August
Element 3: Sunday 27th August
Element 4: Sunday 10th September
Element 5: Sunday 27h September
Element 6 : Sunday 8th October
Element 7 : Sunday 22nd October
Element 8: Sunday 19h November
Each element will be at 9am GMT. Approx. 3-4 hours in duration.
With question and answers sessions included.
Places are limited.
During the workshops you will learn how to work with your own dog(s).
For full information please email: karen@letyouranimallead.co.uk


For full information please email: karen@letyouranimallead.co.uk



Further dates for workshops 2023 will soon be announced!

If you would like details about hosting an on line workshop or talk.  Please contact me

email: karen@letyouranimallead.co.uk

                   Mob: 07443043662




 Barcelona Feb 2016
together with the students of the workshop

 Voodoo at a workshop in Belgium

Read Voodoo's case study & others on my Facebook Page

 Rupert having enjoyed his Barley Grass at a workshop!