Let your animal lead


Zoopharmacognosy refers to the process by which animals self medicate and naturally forage plants and their essential oils, algae, clay and other natural minerals.

All animals have an innate ability to prevent disease.  The word Zoopharmacognosy was coined by Dr. Elroy Rodriguez biochemist at Cornell University.  Derived from the ancient greek 'Zoo' (animal) 'pharmaco' (remedy) and 'gnosy' knowing.

I trained with Caroline Ingraham the founder of Applied Zoopharmacognosy at the Ingraham Academy.  Based on science and observation Caroline has spent over 30 years observing and understanding how animals heal themselves. 

Applied Zoopharmacognosy is the art of enabling domestic and captive animals to self-medicate effectively in environments without therapeutic plants.

By offering appropriate secondary compounds for self-medication allows the animals to guide its own health choosing from natures pharmacy.  The animal will control it's remedy, dosage and application.  An animal will be aware of what is needed to bring itself back into health before symptoms manifest.

As a Full Practitioner of Applied Zoopharmacognosy (self - selection & choices) I work with emotional, physical and behavioural conditions in all species. Also palliative care

Karen Webb Dip.IAZ