Let your animal lead

I am available for consultations with your animal.  

The initial session will normally take about 3 hours and will either be a morning or afternoon session.  

Prior to a session I will ask you to complete a comprehensive questionnaire so that I have the fullest picture of the situation.  This will help to guide me as to some initial remedies to offer.

During the session your animal will lead the way. By observing and understanding the body language and behaviour shown by the animal as the practitioner  I will be guided as to what may be needed and what is not.  Also the way in which your animal may wish to take it's chosen remedies.

I will explain the process of self selection to you so that you have an understanding of how to offer the extracts and to read your animals responses.

I usually suggest a follow up session for support.

I use only the highest quality plant compounds and extracts from  trusted sources for a safe and effective session and to achieve the best results for your animal.

To maintain professionalism and promote a wider understanding and acceptance of Applied Zoopharmacognosy, I recommend that you inform your Veterinary Surgeon that your animal is to be offered plant extracts on a self-selection basis only.  I do not diagnose.

I work in accordance with the Ingraham Academy (IAZ) code of ethics and professional practice.